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"The most American form of meditation yet."

            TIME magazine




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8 Minute Meditation™

Quiet Your Mind.  Change Your Life.


By Victor Davich

author, The Best Guide to Meditation


From Penguin Books.

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  Available nationally at all bookstores.

Foreign language editions: German, Japanese & Polish 


"The meditation book everyone has been waiting for.  Eight minutes a day will change your life forever."

Richard Carlson, author of The New York Times Bestseller,Don't Sweat the Small Stuff  


If you've ever thought, "I'd love to meditate, but it's too hard and takes too long," you've found your answer.  8 Minute Meditation is the revolutionary new program you can master, whether you've ever—or never meditated before. 


8 Minute Meditation is simple, easy, and geared to fit into even the most hectic lifestyle.  Your time commitment?  Just 8 minutes a day—the space between two TV commercials!


And now, the new Guided CD makes 8 Minute Meditation even easier.  Just press your "play" button--and you're meditating.


8 Minute Meditation is the unique new program that:


·       Starts you meditating immediately.  Open this book and in just 10 minutes you'll experience meditation.

·       Keeps you meditating.  With easy, jargon-free, failure-proof meditation instruction.

·       Helps you quiet your mind, lower your stress level, and taste peace.

·       Makes daily meditation an enjoyable mini-vacation.

·       Anticipates your questions and concerns—and answers them. In clear, common-sense language.

·       Empowers you with the Meditation in Action Template, the powerful tool you can apply to all your life activities.

·       Takes you to the next level of meditation, with valuable "upgrade" and resource sections.


Why wait?  Receive the benefits you've always wanted.  Start meditating today.  With 8-Minute Meditation, the program that will change your life.




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