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Try 8 Minute Meditation Now!


The 8 Minute Meditation program consists of 8 different meditation techniques that you do over the course of an 8-week period.  You can read the instructions in your book and/or simply press the track on your 8 Minute Meditation Guided CD.


Here is a version of Week One the technique.  



8 Minute Meditation

Week One: Being with the breath


  • Choose a space place you wonít be disturbed for 8 minutes.  Make it as quiet as you can.


  • Set a silent timer to sound after 8 minutes.


  • Sit still on a straight back chair in a posture that is both relaxed and alert.  Keep your spine as straight as you can manage.


  • Start your timer.


  • Gently allow your eyes to close.


  • Let your body naturally settle into the natural flow of your breath.


  • Make contact with a place in your upper chest where you clearly feel your breath.  This is your ďanchor point.Ē


  • Now, simply observe the natural comings and goings of your breath at your anchor point.


  • Distracted by thoughts, images, or body sensations?  Thatís normal.  Simply notice that this has happened.  Then, gently bring your attention back to your anchor point.


  • Continue to watch your breath, returning to it whenever you realize that you have wandered from it.


  • Do this until your timer sounds. 


  • Slowly open your eyes.  Carry this peacefulness on to your next activity.  And the next...

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