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8 Minute Meditation



Author and Creator of 8 Minute Meditation


What is meditation and what are its benefits?


Meditation (also called mindfulness) is the simple practice of allowing your thoughts, feelings, and body sensations to arise and pass, like clouds across an open sky.


Meditation is an accepted and recommended tool that can be used alone or to complement medical treatment of stress, pain, and chronic diseases.  The National Institute of Health is engaged in ongoing clinical trials and research studies of meditation. 


One thing that doesn’t require research and testing is this: meditation helps meditators calm down and feel good.


Why is meditation such a powerful and effective tool in lowering stress?


Americans consider stress their primary health concern.  More than 50% of adults in the U.S. report high stress on a daily basis.  Untreated, stress can seriously affect performance, health, and well-being. 


Meditation is a natural, safe, and highly effective “antidote” to stress.  To put it simply, when you meditate, you bring moment-to-moment awareness to a specific activity.  Doing this encourages and allows your mind and body to enter into a restful state that is marked by a decrease in heart rate, blood pressure, and muscle tension.


What is 8 Minute Meditation?


8 Minute Meditation is a non-sectarian, innovative, and unique meditation program that treats meditation as an Eastern tool for Western results.  It can be a powerful catalyst for stress and pain management, muscle relaxation, clarity, focus, and feeling more peaceful.


I created 8 Minute Meditation to give anyone who wants to meditate the simplest, clearest, most efficient—and most enjoyable—way to do it.  No jargon.  No confusion.  No kidding.  The program consists of 8 different meditation techniques that you practice individually, one per week, for 8 weeks.  After this, I give you detailed and full instruction on how to “upgrade” and go deeper into meditation. 


Why does Time Magazine call 8 Minute Meditation "The most American form of meditation yet”?


Because 8 minutes is the time between two television commercials.  That’s why I say, ‘If you can watch eight minutes of CSI, Lost, or The Simpsons, you can easily meditate.’ 


How hard is it to learn 8 Minute Meditation?


8 Minute Meditation is a straightforward, clear, and down-to-earth approach to meditation. 8 Minute Meditation will introduce you to meditation in about 12 minutes.  You’re then ready for your first 8-minute period. 


8 Minute Meditation works for people who have never tried meditation as well as those who have tried and been discouraged.  Anyone with a sincere desire to learn to meditate can succeed the 8 Minute way.


What’s my time investment?


Like my book title says, 8 minutes per day.  No more.  No less.  At the conclusion of 8 weeks, you have a serious meditation practice that you can deepen—and that can last your lifetime.  The Upgrade section in your 8 Minute Meditation book will help you achieve your goals.


How soon will I see results?


Everyone is different, so I can’t make guarantees or predictions.  However, your first meditation period can provide you with “coming attractions” of how the simple, consistent, daily practice of meditation can help with life issues such as stress, anger, and focus. 


How can I learn 8 Minute Meditation?


Very easily. Thousands of people have learned to meditate using my 8 Minute Meditation book and companion 8 Minute Meditation Guided CD.  The book is carried by all major book chains and online booksellers.  The **NEW** Audio is exclusively available through,


I also conduct 8 Minute Meditation workshops and seminars for groups and corporations.  Contact me if you are interested at


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